Ellis Mills (EM) is a next-generation public affairs firm – built on 45+ years of collective experience – that advises clients facing challenges in the public arena.

We help organizations large and small, corporate and non-profit, deliver their message to critical audiences in the government, media and public in ways that ensure they’re heard.

Our focus is on the intersection between government relations and communications consulting – part think tank, communications firm and political campaign advisor – where we offer cohesive solutions for clients with complex communications challenges .

Our multi-discipline, integrated approach includes marketing, government and public relations, social media and digital, grass roots advocacy, and crisis management – all integrated to meet our clients’ public affairs challenges. We are a fast-turnaround, results-driven, low-overhead firm , small enough to move fast, experienced enough to drive results on major projects.

We take a proven and technological approach using world wide technology.

Government Affairs
The back room is gone, along with the kingmakers. Success in public policy requires understanding the needs of the community and its decision makers, and engaging with them in a thoughtful, constructive way.
Land Use and Permitting
Getting development projects approved is more complex and challenging than ever. Success requires campaign-style strategies and comprehensive communication tactics.
Crisis Management
Your crisis is out there and it will not go away. The price of ignoring a looming crisis far outweighs the cost of preparing. A crisis requires 24-hour discipline, a deep understanding of the media and political environment and the courage to tell the truth.
Strategic Communications
Next-generation means providing services at the leading edge of communications. A strong, credible and targeted message is at the core of everything we do.